Benefit from increased cloud security, reduced risk and better compliance. Platinum Technology is certified Level 3, the highest level for the Essential Eight framework.

Managed Security As a Service

In today’s dynamic technological environment, businesses face unprecedented opportunities and challenges. The rise of a mobile workforce, amplified cloud integrations, and the whirlwind pace of technological advancements, while advantageous, also bring forth amplified security vulnerabilities. Prioritising security is paramount, not just as a preventive measure but as a foundation for sustained growth.

However, fortifying an organisation’s IT landscape to achieve top-tier governance and compliance standards while fostering a conducive workforce environment is no minor feat. This challenge becomes even more daunting when you aim to prioritise your customers’ needs without compromise.

Enter Platinum Technology’s Managed Security Service: a comprehensive solution tailored to address modern businesses’ myriad of cybersecurity challenges. We assist organisations achieve Essential Eight, ISO 27001 and NIST.

Our Managed Security Service is aligned with the Australian Government’s Essential Eight Maturity Model. Crafted by the Australian Cyber Security Centre, the Essential Eight is a gold standard that outlines critical strategies to buffer organisations against cyber threats. Platinum Technology is certified Level 3, the highest level for the Essential Eight framework. By designing our security services to map seamlessly with the Essential Eight strategies, we provide mid-market companies with bolstered security, reduced risk and improved compliance.

Based on the Essential Eight model, our IT Managed Services clients benefit from improved security through:

  1. Application Control: Ensuring only approved software is allowed to run.
  2. Patch Applications: Regularly updating software to fix known vulnerabilities.
  3. Configure Microsoft Office Macros: Restricting macros in Microsoft Office to prevent malware infections.
  4. User Application Hardening: Hardening web browser security settings and limiting extensions.
  5. Restrict Administrative Privileges: Limiting the number of users with administrative access to a system.
  6. Patch Operating Systems: Regularly updating the underlying operating system to fix known vulnerabilities.
  7. Multi-factor Authentication: Using more than one form of authentication to confirm a user’s identity.
  8. Daily Backups: Regularly creating backups of data.

The future of business hinges on robust security. By outsourcing your cybersecurity to Platinum Technology, you’re not just opting for a service, you’re choosing peace of mind and a partner committed to safeguarding your business every step. Secure your future today with Platinum Technology.