Platinum Technology stands apart by including 3rd Party vendor support, for both hardware and software.

Vendor Management As a Service

In today’s digitalised business landscape, relying on multiple third-party vendors is often inevitable, but overseeing these external partnerships can become overwhelming. Managing third-party vendor relationships can become cumbersome and time-consuming.

Mid-market enterprises striving to stay agile and competitive need a trusted partner with the expertise and relationships to manage these external affiliations, ensuring efficiency and value for our clients.

If a problem occurs, there is one point of contact and no finger-pointing. We follow through with the 3rd party vendor until the problem is solved, saving you time and frustration.

Our IT Managed Services clients benefit from:

  • Accountability
    Multiple vendors, one point of contact.
  • Centralised Oversight
    With numerous vendors offering a plethora of services, maintaining a holistic view of operations can be cumbersome. Platinum Technology offers a centralised approach, ensuring all vendors align with your company’s strategic goals and values.
  • Risk Mitigation
    Vendor relationships carry inherent risks – from contractual nuances to compliance concerns. Leveraging our expertise ensures that these risks are proactively identified and addressed, safeguarding your business interests.
  • Optimised Costs
    By efficiently managing vendor contracts, negotiations, and performance evaluations, we help clients realise cost savings. Benefit from our economies of scale and industry insights to derive the best value from third-party vendors.
  • Enhanced Focus
    Outsourcing third-party vendor management allows clients to prioritise their core business functions. They let Platinum Technology handle the complexities of vendor relations while they focus on growth and innovation.
  • Expertise & Experience
    Our team of specialists has an in-depth understanding of the vendor landscape, fortified by years of experience. This ensures that your vendor relationships are well-managed and strategically aligned for future growth.
  • Agility in Operations
    Whether onboarding a new vendor or scaling existing partnerships, we ensure agility without compromising quality or compliance.

At Platinum Technology, we understand the intricacies of third-party vendor management and its critical role in a company’s operational efficiency.