Platinum Technology is committed to managing and minimising the impact of our business activities on the environment.

This Environmental Sustainability Policy formalises our commitment to supporting the principles of environmental sustainability and recognises that a sustainable environment is central to our lives, the healthy functioning of our communities and our work.

The aim of our Environmental Sustainability Policy is to:

    • Implement sustainable actions within the company.
    • Monitor the environmental actions and improvements internally.
    • Communicate sustainability initiatives internally and externally.

Platinum Technology respects our relationship with the natural environment and its ecosystems. We acknowledge the adverse impacts that human activity can impose and take actions to prevent degradation of those natural systems.

In line with this, Platinum Technology is committed to the following principles and practices, which are built upon three core pillars – Smart Purchasing, Office Infrastructure and Culture and Behaviours.

1. Smart Purchasing

Platinum’s Purchasing Policy is underpinned by the following points:

  • We are committed to partnering with reputable local and global vendors and suppliers that uphold and promote sustainability practices.
  • Bulk purchasing is to be undertaken where possible to reduce packaging and transportation.
  • Our product selection for clients is based on non-customised, standardised products supported by direct manufacturer warranties. This ensures the long term supportability of all the products we offer, prolonging their lifespan.
  • Global warranties are secured for all the products we offer to ensure worldwide support direct from the manufacturer through their local support offices, minimising the need for emission-producing transportation.
  • Our disposal practices are also supported by our philosophy of choosing quality products, designed for high usability (limiting the need for frequent disposal) with minimal impact on the environment.

2. Office Infrastructure

Waste disposal:
  • We dispose of waste sustainably, including utilising e-waste facilities at designated e-waste recycling and re-use centres.
  • Recycling stations are placed throughout our offices both for paper and plastics.
Conscious consumption of resources:
  • We focus on reducing the consumption of materials and resources in our daily operations, including water, energy, and paper.
  • We are taking steps to become a paperless workplace.
  • High efficiency, low energy lighting is used in the office and we maintain an open plan design, with tinted windows to allow for enhanced thermal qualities.
  • We select office appliances with efficient energy ratings.
  • We seek to reduce our on-premise hardware with the use of public cloud infrastructure.
  • We provide company cars, all of which have been selected for their low carbon footprint.
  • We minimise pollution by taking steps to limit carbon emissions resulting from vehicle and air travel by encouraging employees to carpool for on-site client work and work from home where possible.

3. Culture and Behaviors

We are committed to upholding a culture that values environmental sustainability and as such:

  • We comply with relevant Australian Commonwealth, State and Local environmental policy, practices, regulations, and legislation, as well as industry-specific legislation.
  • We monitor and manage our environmental performance and work towards set targets.
  • Our employees, contractors and other stakeholders are informed of this Policy.
  • This Policy is reviewed annually, and we measure our performance as part of that review.
  • We report on the company’s environmental performance in both internal and external communications.
  • Our customers are actively encouraged by us to meet high standards of environmental performance.
  • Our staff are made aware of our stance on sustainability through briefings and training courses.

4. Authorisation

Joseph Girgis
Director – Sales & Operations
1 Aug 21  |  Platinum Technology

Policy Number:  POL_02
Version:  1.0
Responsible person:  Director -Sales and Operations
Scheduled review date:  August 2022

You can download a copy of this policy here:  POL_02 Platinum Environmental Sustainability Policy