Our teams can provide onsite support at your office. Whether an end user or infrastructure issue, Platinum Technology can diagnose and solve your problems in person.

Onsite Services As a Service

Our understanding of your locations means our solutions are specifically relevant to you – as we deliver our expertise across the Asia Pacific region.

Our commitment at Platinum Technology is to offer clients more than just remote troubleshooting. We understand the intricate details, hardware configurations, and unique IT landscapes of businesses operating in varying sectors.

Recognising this, our Onsite Services are designed to prevent possible future IT challenges, optimise current IT environments, and respond to clients in-person support to diagnose unexpected issues.

Our IT Managed Services clients benefit from:

  • Rapid Response.
    We keep our clients staff working, not waiting.
  • Hands-On Expertise.
    Whether it’s a server malfunction, network infrastructure revamp, or hardware setup, we’ve got you covered.
  • Seamless Integration.
    Our Onsite Team works in harmony with our remote support, ensuring clients receive a cohesive and integrated service experience.
  • Deep understanding of local markets.
    Operating in Australia comes with its own set of nuances. Our team is adept at navigating these, providing globally competent and locally relevant services.

Platinum Technology’s Onsite Services Team reaffirm our commitment to be right where you need us. We don’t just want to be your IT service provider; we aim to be your IT partner, driving results and ensuring uninterrupted business operations.