Realise operational savings and efficiencies with this flexible and scalable Managed Voice solution.

Managed Voice As a Service

In the dynamic business world, effective communication isn’t just a tool—it’s the lifeline that bridges gaps, fosters innovation, and ensures that your team remains agile and connected. For mid-market companies, the challenge often lies in achieving seamless voice communication that’s both reliable and scalable without overwhelming the IT department or draining resources.

Platinum Technology’s Managed Voice Service utilises Microsoft Teams Calling, ideal for mid-market and large enterprise companies wanting a flexible and scalable telephony solution. With Microsoft Teams Calling, users can switch between chat, meetings, and voice calls without using multiple apps or devices. This creates a more productive and collaborative way to communicate.

Extend your Microsoft 365 stack to include IVR and Contact Centre capabilities.

Waiting for traditional phone companies to respond can take time and effort. Having Managed Voice with Platinum Technology extends your Microsoft 365 licenses with IVR and phone capabilities, providing flexibility and savings.

Our IT Managed Services clients utilising Teams Calling benefit from:

  • A unified communication platform
    Collaborate and benefit from efficiencies by bringing together all the technology and tools in one place.
  • Simplicity for peace of mind
    Deploy, manage and scale with ease.
  • Flexibility
    Subscription-based telephony and collaboration with no contracts.
  • Scalability
    As companies grow, Platinum Technology quickly adds users without the need to add SIP channels.
  • Accessibility
    Reduce the number of different voice, video, meetings and collaboration apps.
  • Consistency
    Optional inclusive calling plans for predictable monthly billing.
  • Efficiencies
    Streamline your systems and remove on-premise PBXs, servers and SBCs for delivery of voice.

Our Managed Voice Service using Microsoft Teams is more than just a communication tool; it enables efficiency, growth, and seamless business operations.