Managed Voice

Platinum have a strong understanding that implementing a voice network is vital for the efficiency of any organisation. Hence, we provide voice services and networks to make communication throughout your organisation easier and effective. We provide ISDN, SIP Voice and Teleconferencing products that can deliver solutions to your call requirements.

Your business or organisation will benefit greatly from a managed voice service as it will:

    • Allow for efficient communication flow in, out and around your business, relieving your staff to focus on core business activities with ease
    • Reduces the costs of capex expenditures and constant upgrades
    • Increases scalability within your business
    • Provide your business with an improved quality of service
    • Allow you to take calls any where, at any time, on any device
    • Will reduce costs

The benefit of making Platinum responsible for this is that we tend to the maintenance and monitoring of your systems to deliver a managed service to boost improved outcomes and efficiency of your organisation, and we only use services which are backed by Service Level Agreements.

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