Managed On-Premise Solutions

Platinum Technology understand that not all infrastructure can be hosted in the cloud due to various applications and services. This is why we offer reliable and innovative on-premise IT solutions which involves system upgrades, monitoring and remote maintenance.

System Upgrades

We can take responsibility for all system upgrades for your organisation – either new or existing. You can’t risk falling behind and using redundant software. 

By upgrading your system, your organisation will experience:

    • Improved productivity
    • Enhanced communications
    • Superior efficiency
    • A greater level of security
    • Feature enhancements
    • Greater compatibility
    • Concentrated power usage
    • Greater staff engagement
    • Reduced costs

We can help you transition into an upgraded system, efficiently and with minimal cost.  Our professional and knowledgeable staff will be available to provide ongoing support through our 24/7 tech support service.

System Monitoring (Including Backups)

One of the biggest responsibilities Platinum undertakes is crucial for every organisation – system monitoring.  As the name suggests, we supervise what is happening within your organisations IT system.  This can include reviewing what percentage of your resources are being used, what commands are being run and who is logged in.

One of the key features of system monitoring is how quickly we can identify and resolve an issue, as we have regular and updated data for comparison and reference. We can also fix and improve performance issues with memory, CPU, networks and Disk I/O.  System monitoring also includes the all important back-up service. Never lose that important information again.

With our 24-hour tech support, you’ll never have to worry about system catastrophes as our highly experienced and knowledgeable team manage your on-going requirements.

Remote System Maintenance

At Platinum Technology, we offer remote system maintenance. This allows us to continually monitor your technology systems such as servers, networks and equipment. We continually review the health of your systems and provide real time alerts to any arising issues. We can also report and discover critical concerns, so no matter if the problem is large or small, we can address it quickly.

Benefits include: 

    • Immediate detection
    • Increases employee productivity
    • You gain a wider understanding of how your IT software and equipment is impacting your business
    • You can focus on your core business

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