Managed Cloud Solutions

Platinum Technology are experts at provisioning and managing cloud infrastructure and knows how to leverage the cloud to reduce the time needed to set up IT products for organisations, boost organisational continuity and eliminate costs.

The benefits of cloud computing include:

    • Eliminates cost of investing in various hardware and software, as well as the cost of establishing and operating on-site data centres
    • Speed and productivity are increased as cloud computing is self-service and on demand. Most resources are only a few clicks away. Cloud computing also eliminates hardware set up and IT management. This provides flexibility for businesses by reducing capacity planning, allowing more time for IT coordination to be spent on achieving business goals
    • Performance is improved as computing is regularly upgraded to the most modern and quickest computing hardware. As cloud computing is run on a worldwide set-up of protected data centres, it is not reliant on one single data centre. This provides performance boosts, network latency and superior economies of scale
    • Security is strengthened, which is essential for every organisation. Cloud computing submits a cluster of policies, approaches, innovations and controls which can fortify the security posture of your organisation.  This secures all information, data and infrastructure from potential dangers.

We offer all types of cloud computing services: Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service and Software as a Service.
We also offer the following deployment models: public, private and hybrid cloud.

Contact us today to enquire about what cloud computing services are ideal to suit your organisation’s requirements.

Designing and Implementing Highly Available Systems

At Platinum Technology, our management service includes design and implementation of highly available systems. Implementation of a Highly Available System can improve business performance by:

    • Safeguarding to prevent your systems from halting
    • Preventing lost revenue
    • Streamlining maintenance
    • Providing maximum flexibility
    • Developing resilience and responsiveness


A highly available system eliminates the worry and stress of your system breaking down. At Platinum, we will design and implement a highly available system as well as manage it, leaving you to focus your energy on other matters.

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