Managed Cloud, On-Premise and Hybrid Infrastructure Solutions

Whether your systems are hosted in the public or private cloud or in a hybrid architecture, Platinum Technology can review and enhance your system functionality, security and stability. Our highly experienced and qualified staff implement best practice designs and configurations which ensure that your systems are running as best as they can.

The benefits of cloud computing include:

    • Reduce the cost of investing in, renewing and maintaining hardware and applications in your own datacentre or building. Scale up and down as your business changes and only pay for what you use during the month
    • Increase speed and productivity by leveraging improved network infrastructure being implemented across the country and by accessing the latest version of systems and applications hosted by vendors. Additional resources can now be accessed using self-service tools and on demand. Cloud computing also eliminates hardware set up and IT management requirements, which provides flexibility for your businesses by reducing capacity planning, allowing you more time to focus on your business goals
    • Improved performance through regular upgrades, and high availability through diverse network links and redundant data centres across the globe.
    • Strengthening security, which is essential to every organisation in this day and age. Cloud computing services offered by global vendors like Microsoft offer highly secure solutions, which are designed to be leveraged by hundreds of millions of clients world wide.  They are highly innovative and have very strict controls around them.

Platinum Technology offers a range of cloud computing services including, Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service and Software as a Service. These services are also offered in public, private and hybrid cloud deployment models.

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Designing and Implementing Highly Available Systems

At Platinum Technology, our services include the design and implementation of highly available systems that can improve your business performance by:

    • Developing a resilient and responsive system
    • Safeguarding against system outages
    • Preventing loss of business revenue
    • Improving your customers confidence in our business capability
    • Improvement of staff morale and engagement
    • Streamlining the maintenance of your system

A highly available system eliminates the worry and stress of system outages and not being able to conduct business as usual. At Platinum Technology, we can design and implement a highly available system to suit your operations as well as monitor and manage it, leaving you to focus your energy on your business.

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