Procurement Management

At Platinum Technology, we manage the process for procuring your organisation’s hardware and application needs.  We possess a strong understanding of IT materials to help build the most efficient business model for your organisation with business grade products that are backed by Service Level Agreements. Acquiring an asset management service provides your organisation with a series of business practises which combine financial, inventory and contractual services to bolster life cycle management for your organisation’s IT environment conditions. Our services include:

    • Market research
    • Price negotiations
    • Terms and conditions for products, hardware and software
    • Reconciling invoice inconsistencies
    • Communicating the standing of all procurements with your organisation.

The advantages asset management possesses for your organisation include:

    • Consistent products and Standard Operating Environment (SOE)
    • Our relationship with business grade suppliers will improve pricing
    • Reduced failure rates
    • An enhanced level of support
    • Improved incident resolutions times
    • Consistent invoicing and payment terms.

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