Procurement Management

Platinum Technology can manage the process of procuring your organisation’s IT infrastructure, from hardware to wide-ranging application needs. With our strong understanding of the comprehensive and evolving IT product range, our specialist staff can help build an efficient business model for your organisation featuring superior business grade products that are robust, longer lasting and backed by our Service Level Agreements.

The advantages of our procurement service is the opportunity to:

    • Performing ongoing market research which enables us to recommend business grade products that are robust, reputable and offer the required level of support for a business
    • Offer you cost savings by leveraging our buying power across all clients
    • Improve efficiencies
    • Selecting a product and vendor who is compatible with the rest of your system
    • Have it configured and installed correctly and quickly
    • Develop consistent products in a Standard Operating Environment (SOE)
    • Centralised invoicing and payment terms with the other services offered by Platinum Technology

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