IT Audit

Platinum Technology offers IT auditing and asset management. This entails inspecting and assessing your organisation’s technology framework, strategies and operations to see if they align with your vision and values. We examine your physical security measures and controls that involve IT systems, and we ensure there is a clear list of your assets and confirm these assets align with your organisations technology strategy.

Your assets will be assessed against best practise (both physical and cyber). By evaluating your security systems and processes, we identify methods to minimise risks to your assets. We ensure all IT processes are compliant with current laws and guidelines, ensure your products are backed by Service Level Agreements and we highlight any inefficiencies within your IT systems.

The benefits this service offers to businesses is that it:

    • Minimises IT related risks, including the concealment, rectitude and availability of your business’ IT infrastructure and activities.
    • It also enhances the security of your business’ data.
    • IT audits also helps to develop and enhance your business’ IT governance.

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