IT Audit and Asset Management

Platinum Technology offers an IT Auditing and Asset Management service which is designed to help an organisation to keep track of what assets they have, how they are and should be used, and to develop a standardised asset management strategy (and processes) going forward. In doing so, your organisation is better equipped to make informed decisions about your technology investments.

Through our proven and repeatable approach, our team can assist you in developing an accurate asset register to help guide important decisions such as:

    • Who has what
    • Security risks to your business and customer data
    • Whether and when equipment requires upgrading,
    • What to standardise on going forward
    • Developing a life cycle management process
    • What the procurement process and pricing should be
    • Insurance policy and claim requirements
    • A process for asset management for new staff and exiting staff

We can also track changes to your assets ongoing and align these with your organisation’s technology strategy to reduce costs while improving functionality, security and stability.

We ensure all IT processes are compliant with current laws and guidelines and that your products are supported by warranties and are always performing.

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