Keep your staff WORKING not WAITING

Service Management

The foundation of great service is great service management.

Platinum Technology understands how frameworks such as ITIL can be implemented to provide the speed and quality of service that your clients demand.

Service Desk

A single phone number or email address that anyone in your company can contact without fear of the cost.

Fixed per user per month billing empowers all your staff, and makes cash flow and budgeting easy.

Desktop as a Service

Platinum Technology provides a Desktop-as-a-Service offering, delivering the latest technology via the M365 Desktop App, Azure Virtual Desktop and AWS Workspaces platforms.

This enables clients to have a secure desktop which can be accessed at anytime, anywhere and from any device.

On-site Support

Our local teams can provide on-site support at your office. Whether an end user or infrastructure issue, Platinum Technology can be there to diagnose and solve your problems in person.

Our understanding of your locations means our solutions are specifically relevant to you - as we deliver our expertise across the Asia Pacific region.

Work From Home Support

Having a flexible work environment is not just important during a pandemic. It increases opportunities for recruitment and retention of staff. It allows rapid growth and agility. It also brings a range of challenges for support and security.

Platinum Technology uses the latest technology to provide the work from home benefits to you.

Vendor Management

Platinum Technology stands apart by including 3rd party vendor support (both hardware and software). If a problem occurs there is one point of contact and no finger pointing.

We follow through with the 3rd party vendor until the problem is solved, saving you time and frustration.

Managed Security

Security is an ever-moving target. Ransomware, viruses, rogue or ex-employees are just some of the modern threats. By partnering with world-class providers that invest over a billion dollars a year in research, Platinum Technology can provide you a level of security that lets you sleep sound at night.

Platinum Technology is committed to managing the ongoing improvement of our clients security posture in line with the Australian Governments “Essential Eight Maturity Model” (refer to as at 7th December 2020). We carefully recommend and put in place technology and processes to protect our clients against access, use and the transfer of their own and their customers data. We also understand that our clients have their own customers who have specific requirements related to data security and storage, and Platinum will make every effort to work with our clients to meet those standards.

Managed Cloud

With Platinum Technology’s years of experience, combined with constant staff training and certification, we manage old and new cloud technology including Citrix stack virtual desktops, M365, Azure and AWS.

Our experience helps you get the many benefits of cloud solutions.

Managed Data Centre

We understand that client’s data centres evolve to include both cutting edge and legacy technology. Modern business places increasing demands on the capabilities and availability of these services.

Our mature team has experience at both ends of the technology timeline and the know how to have it work together most reliably.

Managed Voice

Waiting for traditional phone companies to respond can be lengthy and costly.

Having Managed Voice with Platinum Technology can not only save you in case of problems, but also on monthly bills. It also opens up flexibility for both challenging times and rapid growth opportunities.

Learn more about Telstra Calling for Office 365

Managed Data Network

The network is the central nervous system for your company. Reliability is essential for today and scalability is essential for tomorrow.

Platinum Technology works with supporting and enhancing networks from copper to 5G including a range of hybrid technologies. Our expertise includes SD-WANs and using MPLS to enhance security and reliability.

Platinum makes your network secure and reliable today, and adaptive and flexible for tomorrow.

IT Procurement

With combined buying power, and being vendor neutral, Platinum Technology will procure the best IT for your company.

From acquisition, to warranty management to secure and environmental decommissioning, Platinum Technology makes the whole procurement cycle seamless.