Have a project but not the resources?

Platinum Technology turns your plans &
aspirations into completed outcomes.

Some important projects...

  • Organisations acquisitions, mergers and divestment
  • Distribution Centre technology design and build
  • Enable staff to work remotely or work from home
  • Develop complete, secure and reliable backups
  • Develop a robust disaster recovery plan
  • Manage the risk of rogue employees
  • Adhere to increased compliance requirements
  • Deploy major system upgrades

Unable to proceed because...

  • Projects run the risk of draining in-house resources
  • The project will interrupt core business workflow
  • Difficulty quantifying time and cost
  • Project scope is exceptional






Why Not Get Started?

There may be some unanswered questions holding you back from getting help with your project.
. . . . .
What is the scope and cost?
Is it cheaper to complete it in-house?
Will they try to take over?
. . . . .
These are important questions worth asking, and we are here to help you answer them.

Why Choose Platinum Technology?

At Platinum Technology, we enable you to stay up to date with current and emerging technologies. We reliably complete projects within budget and time frame and provide a true cost and completion date so you can feel at ease knowing you are being taken care of.

When choosing Platinum Technology for your project needs, you are choosing a non-interrupted work flow. We work within your time frame to make sure your internal team stay undisturbed and continue their own work without draining company resources.


Our Points of Difference

  1. We have a track record of completing jobs within budget and time frame
  2. We work on the project so you can work on your business
  3. Delivery and change can be out of ours to eliminate disruption
  4. Being technology agnostic - we choose the best tool for your needs
  5. We can deliver via the cloud or on premise
  6. Our breath of experience lets us offer hybrid solutions
  7. We provide clear documentation and training during handover
  8. You can call us 24/7 for backup assistance