Need On-Premise Assistance?

Platinum supports you where you need it
- when you need it.

Planning major structural changes:

  • Data centre builds, moves and consolidation
  • Organisations acquisitions, mergers and divestments
  • Moving local computer rooms into a data centre
  • Moving or adding locations

Some day-to-day issues that might apply to you:

  • Your current IT is broken or has intermittent problems
  • Managing your own IT has become too time-consuming
  • It's increasingly difficult to keep up with advancing technologies
  • Your staff are unavailability when required
  • Existing hardware and software is (or soon to be) out of warranty






Why Not Get Help?

There may be some unanswered questions holding you back.
. . . . .
What costs are involved?
What control will I retain?
How responsive will my provider be?

Why Choose Platinum Technology?

Having worked with generations of hardware and software we are well positioned to support and extend your IT requirements.

We work with you so that you can maintain control of your on-premise systems.


Our Points of Difference

  1. We recognise the need for on-premise resources
  2. We work with you and allow you to maintain control
  3. We're security conscious and knowledgeable
  4. We respond promptly so you're not left waiting
  5. We offer 24/7 support
  6. Our local staff communicate clearly
  7. Staff have managed on-premise systems for 20+ years
  8. Experience with generations of hardware and software