Moving or consolidating data centres?

Switching between or moving to the Cloud?

Migration with Platinum Technology is a reliable
and stress-free process.

Facing problems like these in your business?

  • The data is not in sync causing issues and downtime
  • There is a need to work remotely and have everyone access multiple resources
  • Your business is outgrowing your on-premise technology or disc space
  • Your data is split across multiple locations or services
  • The current Cloud setup is not working well for you
  • Your current provider has become slow and unresponsive
  • You may be moving premises so this is an opportune time to make the switch






Why Not Make The Switch?

There may be some unanswered questions holding you back from migrating.
. . . . .
How viable is the Cloud?
What costs are involved?
What are my benefits?

Why Choose Platinum Technology?

We get it right the first time. We follow a mature process which uses best practice systems - which set us apart.

Platinum Technology frequently executes the following migrations

  • Data Centre moves and consolidation
  • On-Premise to Cloud
  • Private Cloud to Public Cloud
  • Public Cloud to Public Cloud

We take care of it all, minimise costs and take the burden off your shoulders.

You'll confidently know it's being handled by experienced professionals who care about your business.

Our Points of Difference

  1. Our Cloud Services save clients money - you only pay for the amount you consume
  2. Our staff are knowledgeable and experienced
  3. We use best practices and mature processes
  4. You'll have it done right - the first time
  5. We ensure a cost and time effective migration
  6. Our Cloud service is safe and reliable
  7. The work is completed at a time that suits you - including weekends and after hours
  8. We plan for scalability