Staff waiting instead of working?

Out of date and insecure systems?

Let Platinum Technology take the mess
out of managing your IT needs.

Any of these sound familiar?

  • Managing your IT in-house is taking up increasing amounts of time and resources
  • Your IT staff are sick or on holiday, leaving you stranded
  • Costs continue to rise
  • Compliance has become more complex
  • Security risks keep you awake at night
  • Your current provider leaves you with long wait times for issues to be addressed
  • Some issues remain unresolved
  • And in addition, their service calls cost you extra money






What's Holding You Back?

There are many criteria to consider when deciding on an IT provider for your business.
. . . . .
How easy is it to change provider?
What is included?
Where are they located?

Why Choose Platinum Technology?

Our fees are set as a fixed monthly cost. All support calls are included.

You and your staff can contact us for a quick solution, without the fear of yet another IT bill.

With no hidden costs, budgeting and cash flow are easier.

Platinum has all local staff, each one is here to help - either over the phone or on-site.

Our Points of Difference

  1. We manage and communicate on your behalf with third party Vendors including:
    • Internet & Communications: e.g. ISP, Mobiles, VIOP
    • Applications: e.g. Adobe, MYOB, Medical Director, HandiSoft, Pracsoft, Oasis, Helpwise, Autocad, Sidexis 4, ScanEx, Unison App Support, Pronto - and many more
    • And more: e.g. Printing, Scanners, CCTV
  2. Our quick service means your staff are working and not waiting
  3. We have friendly, clear communicators
  4. Regular scheduled on-site visits are made to ensure everything is running smoothly
  5. 24 hour help is always on offer
  6. We offer out-of-hours updates - no interruptions to work productivity
  7. Your technology and security are continually being monitored and updated